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LEGO® DSLR slider for time lapse photography

Mechanics. Smooth motion.

The combination of LEGO® spur gears and worm gear ensure the slow, smooth motion, even with the load of 40 oz. (1.1 Kg). With the factor of ×52, the mechanics make it possible to use an ordinary motor while ensuring the carriage takes two hours to move from edge to edge. Sunrise? Night traffic? Snail on a morning trip? You name it.

Electronics. Custom made.

LEGO® motors would work too, but one can also use a third-party motor and create a LEGO® frame for it. While it requires more work, it's also much cheaper, and remains a very usable option. The motor is powered by two R14 (C-type) batteries and can pull the DSLR even when the rails are slanted.

Rails. Rock solid.

What use would be a slider with rails that bend? The rails were designed to remain absolutely straight when the camera is between the two support elements, ensuring a smooth, straight motion. The LEGO® pieces for its five layers were chosen specifically to exclude weakness at any point of a 19.5 inch (49.5 cm) rail while remaining lightweight.

Support. Flexible.

All you need are two tripods or C-stands and two clips to attach the rail support to them. Designed to be solid, the support pieces will ensure the rails don't tilt forward or backward when the camera is moving. With tripods, it's even possible to mount the rails at an angle, so that the camera faces the sky. or the grass.

Carriage. Low profile.

The carriage is so flat that it won't get in your way. It will simply perform its job, and do it well. The LEGO® piece 6595 is an excellent choice: with its 1.45 inch (36.8 mm) diameter, it's large enough to guarantee a smooth slow motion, while allowing the camera to stay close to the rails. It also ensures the carriage won't derail, no matter what.

DSLR plane. Safety first.

A fall from a twenty inch height won't do any good to a DSLR. That's why the mounting plane was designed to prevent the camera from falling. With its LEGO® axle 2 part carefully positioned at the position of tripod mount and the front part which supports the weight of the lens, the plane won't let a disaster happen.

Final assembly. Fast.

Twenty seconds. This is the time it takes to assemble the eight parts into the complete slider. The parts make it possible to transport the slider with ease, and mount it once arrived at location. The 4140801 LEGO® part (friction triple peg with cross hole) remains on rails, and won't be lost. Even better, it allows to combine two rails together when the slider is transported in a bag.

Technical specifications.

Rails size:
19.5 in. (49.5 cm)
Effective movement distance:
17.0 in. (43.3 cm)
Weight (without batteries):
21 oz. (600 g.)
Carriage motion duration:
120 minutes
Number of LEGO® parts:
Maximum camera weight, including lens:
40 oz. (1.1 Kg)
Motor noise level:
< 20 dB

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